Custom made quilts

Custom made quilts make up the majority of my work.  A few examples are shown below.  Customers often find quilts on Pinterest that they want me to make up in colours to suit their requirements.  If you want something special for someone special, please contact me using the form in the contact section of this website.  Just as a warning, custom made quilts don’t come cheap.  My charges are on the basis of $15 per hour for my man-hours (which includes all my overheads) + materials (fabric for front, back and binding and batting) + postage and packing.  Large complicated quilts are really quite expensive.

Memory Quilt. 1000mm x 700mm quilt – $300 + P&P

Sue Thomas quilt

Double bed quilt to co-ordinate with room decor in seaside apartment

small photo again

Quilt and pillow covers for a kid’s room


T-shirt quilt

I receive numerous enquiries about T-shirt quilts and quilts made from clothes.  I think people believe that, because they are made from recycled materials, they will be cheap.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  The ‘free’ material is more than outweighed by man-hours required to make up the quilt.  The logo has to be ‘fussy cut’ (which often generates different sized pieces) and then since T-shirt material is stretchy, each patch has to be stabilised by backing it with interfacing.  Only then can the quilt be assembled, sandwiched, quilted and bound.  A T-shirt quilt, using 16 T-shirts from which 12″ patches can be cut, and measuring 125cm x 125cm would cost approximately $300 + P&P. Beware, T-shirt quilts end up quite heavy so big ones can become very unwieldy!  The example shown below was nearly 3 times that cost since it was big with different sized patches!

Kates nursery stuff

A nursery set of quilt plus cushion covers


This hangs in the Puerto Rican offices of the Ricky Martin Foundation


A quilt for Rubi Rae

Finleys cot quilt

A playmat for Finley

Camillas nursery quilt

A nursery quilt for twins

Liverpool FC quilt

Quilt for a Liverpool FC fan