Double-Sided Quilt

This one took me a very, very long time to make but it was for my godson’s 21st birthday so that made it more than worth it.  It is made from shot cotton and has a superb, soft feel to it.  Given that it was a BIG quilt, it was tricky to line up everything, particularly the quilting, on both sides.

Green Side of Quilt

Blue Side of Quilt


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Australian Landscape

I was thrilled to receive 2nd prize in the Abstract category of QuiltWest.  Standards really high this year and my friends at and also got prizes for their stunning work.


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40th Birthday Quilt

I made this commissioned quilt at the beginning of the year for a client’s daughter’s significant birthday.  I have just received word that she is thrilled with it!  It is so nice to get feedback!

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Rope Baskets

As a distraction from finishing off the two quilts I am entering into QuiltWest 2018, I have been making rope baskets.  You can become quite obsessed!  I have now run out of rope and have a cupboard full of basket gifts – so back to quilting.

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Quilt for Ricky Martin Foundation

This wall hanging, which I recently completed, was commissioned by an individual in Australia as a gift for the Ricky Martin Foundation in Puerto Rico.  This charity fights human trafficking, particularly child exploitation.
My client and I collaborated on the design :
  • The background is the Puerto Rican flag with the heading “No La Trata Humana” which reads no human trafficking in Spanish.   I stated in my first email, this wall hanging will be a gift for a charity that fights Human Trafficking, particularly child exploitation.
  • The yellow flower is an old Puerto Rican symbol for the sun.  The charity’s logo is appliquéd in the centre of the flower with some of the governing values of the charity in the ‘petals’.
  • Taino symbols are quilted into the blue section of the flag.

This piece now hangs in the offices of the Ricky Martin Foundation in Puerto Rico.

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Preparing for Studio Day

I am hosting the first Contemporary Quilt Group Studio Day on Wednesday.  The facilities allow you to try things that are a bit messy to do at home!  I am planning to use various methods to apply soy wax resist to cotton and silk fabrics and some rope bowls I have made. Fabrics and bowls have been washed and soaked in soda ash so that once I get around to dyeing, which I will do later at home, the dye should take. I wonder what it will all turn out like…. and I wonder what other members will be trying….

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Having fun accessorising my renovated bathroom

After the hard work associated with renovating a bathroom which is almost finished, I had fun this weekend making things to go in it.  I made a wall hanging and co-ordinating tissue holder.  I also made a basket for the toilet rolls from washing line – first time I’d done this and it worked very well.  The framed embroidery was made last year.

Renovated bathroom

Wall hanging

Co-ordinating tissue holder

Basket for toilet rolls

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