Christmas Garden Sale

Myself and my good friend Meg Cowey ( ) are having a sale of handmade quilts, wallhangings and small fabric gifts on 4th December. There will be many more quilts than those advertised for sale on this site. Please come along and bring your friends. Between now and the event, I will post pictures of some of the small gifts that you will be able to buy.

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Blue Hexi

Following the success of my circular ruler for my Drunkards Path quilts, I treated myself to an equilateral triangle cutting ruler.  This little quilt was made from strips of a jelly roll joined together and then cut using the ruler.  As always, accuracy is key to a good result.  Rather pretty I thought.

Blue Hexi 96cm x 103cm $120 + P&P

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Quilts for Sale

A potential client asked if I had any quilts ‘in stock’ other than those shown on this site. She was looking for something less bright. The answer was YES!  Below are a few that I looked out for her. These are now included in my ‘quilts for sale’ section on this website. All the quilts are 100% cotton and have off-white backs.

Aqua Magic 126cm x 126cm $200 + P&P

Coral Bay 167cm x 146cm $300 + P&P

Meringue Surprise 156cmx125cm $250 + P&P

Pretty Thing 146cm x 125cm $240 + P&P

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Magic Carpet International online exhibition

Magic Carpet – Online International Art Exhibition

During the initial COVID-19 shutdown, I was privileged to be invited to participate in an international challenge for textiles artists entitled Magic Carpet. The resultant exhibition is now online – just tap on the link.

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Turquoise Bay

I am currently enjoying a fabulous holiday in the northwest of WA. Today we visited the spectacular Turquoise Bay-a favourite haunt for many years. 6 years ago, I made an award winning wall hanging of the scene which still looked the same today (except I left the sunning bathing bodies out of today’s photo!)

Turquoise Bay today

Award winning wall hanging

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Magic Carpet exhibition

During the recent COVID-19 lockdown, I participated in an international challenge with the theme Magic Carpet. The pieces will be shown in an online exhibition which opens on 1st August. I will share the link once it opens.

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All things bright and beautiful

It was time to make something really bright!  And this very large lap quilt certainly is.  I am planning to make some co-ordinating cushion covers – so watch out for them.

All things bright and beautiful 173cmx142cm $350 plus P$P

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I have spent the last couple of days making up cushions from last year’s travel projects.  I stitched a sashiko panel during a train trip across Canada which I cut up and supplemented and made into 4 cushions.  The 5th cushion was made from a boro panel was made during a holiday in Switzerland.  When will we get to travel overseas again?

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Boro Bags

Japanese boro is a technique developed in the 19th and 20th centuries where remnants of used fabric were stitched together to form utilitarian items such as clothing and bedding.  This technique has regained popularity as it creates beautiful textured and interesting pieces.  When traveling, I always have some hand sewing to accompany me and often it is a piece of boro fabric.  I stitch patches of Japanese fabric together by hand to form one piece of fabric which I then make up into something on my return home.  I have just made up a couple of bags using the boro fabric that I made up during my Christmas trip to Europe (seems a long time ago now!).  One bag is made from cotton patches and the other from silk. The bags are lined and would make a perfect gift.

Boro Bag (cotton) 28cmx23cmx5cm $65 plus P&P


Boro bag (silk) 28cmx28cmx8cm $85 plus P&P



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New Quilts or Wallhangings

From my very large box of ‘scraps’, I made new fabric in 10 different colour ways.  I then used each ‘new’ piece of fabric in another Drunkards Path block quilt.  Coloured quilted circles completed the picture.  It would make a lovely wall hanging or quilt and if no-one buys it, I might put it in my sewing room!

Circles in Motion 141cmx141cm $300 plus P&P

Becoming a bit fed up with circles, I then decided to make a quilt with squares, albeit from material with circles on it!  Again this quilt can be used as a quilt or wall hanging.  The black and white quilt has a few touches of colour and, if you look really carefully, you can see that there are a couple of red and yellow lines in the quilting grid.

All Square 129cm x 121cm $220 plus P&P

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