I am thrilled that my piece ‘Construction’ has got through the first stage of the juried challenge ‘Bridges and Borders’ at the 2018 Australian Quilting Convention.  I now have to send it to Melbourne so I need to add the very complicated hanging sleeve.  I am sure the instructions are incorrect as you end up with a whole lot of raw edges.  This is proving more difficult than the making of the actual wall hanging.  I can’t post the actual piece at the moment – that will have to wait until early April when they are judged.  Fingers crossed.

Hanging Sleeve – look at those raw edges!

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4 Responses to Construction

  1. Carol Arnold says:

    Well done! How exciting! Hope you sort out sleeve ok?!



  2. Lesley says:

    Wel done you! Very impressed! Fingers crossed…


  3. Pat Forster says:

    The instructions for the sleeve are missing a step! Well done on getting into the second round of jurying.


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