Boro Bags

Japanese boro is a technique developed in the 19th and 20th centuries where remnants of used fabric were stitched together to form utilitarian items such as clothing and bedding.  This technique has regained popularity as it creates beautiful textured and interesting pieces.  When traveling, I always have some hand sewing to accompany me and often it is a piece of boro fabric.  I stitch patches of Japanese fabric together by hand to form one piece of fabric which I then make up into something on my return home.  I have just made up a couple of bags using the boro fabric that I made up during my Christmas trip to Europe (seems a long time ago now!).  One bag is made from cotton patches and the other from silk. The bags are lined and would make a perfect gift.

Boro Bag (cotton) 28cmx23cmx5cm $65 plus P&P


Boro bag (silk) 28cmx28cmx8cm $85 plus P&P



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